Dance shows

Daily Dance shows with… Hexham Morris Moulton Morris Newcastle Kingsmen (and Kingsman Clogs) Oxford Lindy Hoppers Hexham Morris Hexhamshire Lasses Owlswick And, of course, Towersey Morris.  


Dance! All over the world people dance. The music and style of dance varies greatly, but ceilidh dancing (pronounced kay’lee and spelt differently in many countries) is something of a phenomena. It went viral long before Facebook was ever invented. Who created it first, doesn’t really matter, but who keeps it alive matters enormously and … Read More

Dance workshops

Dance Workshops – A whole range of styles to learn and move with.  Ballet for fun – Maddie is back with this Towersey favourite.  Come find out just how much fun (and what a great workout) Ballet can be. Lindy Hop and Jive – Oxford Lindy Hoppers are back with shows and workshops.  Get those … Read More