Moss Wreath Making with BackWoods

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In our virtual wreath making workshop, we will show you how to design and create your own decorative wreath using natural, sustainable materials. You will learn how to fill your wire frame, choose your materials and then decorate in whatever style you choose; from statement pheasant feather and bracken, to traditional holly and ivy.

Moss Wreath Making Tutorial Kit List

Equipment required

  • Secateurs
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters (pliers often have a wire cutting blade)

Materials required


  • Wire Wreath Frame
  • Moss- to cover frame (5-6 good handfuls)
  • Floristry Wire (or any thin, pliable wire)
  • Twine- at least 3 metres

Your choice of any of the following for decorating the moss base:

  • A selection of evergreen foliage, e.g. ornamental conifer, yew, Christmas tree, Fir, Viburnum, Bay, Euonymus, Eucalyptus
  • A selection of berries, seedheads, dried fruits, e.g. rosehips, berried Ivy, Viburnum berries, Poppy seedheads,teasels, orange slices, dried whole oranges, cinnamon sticks, cones, mini pumpkins, Hydrangeas heads
  • Ribbon

You’ll always need a bit more foliage than you think, so bear this in mind when gathering your materials together.

Alternatively we also have ready made kits available, which include all the materials you require - you just need the equipment!. For more information on this, visit

Also, all of the materials above can be purchased from BackWoods HQ, our Stotts Nursery site, which is open as normal. We have lots to choose from in a ‘pick ‘n’ mix’ style, so you can select exactly what you want.