Urban folk theory

Festival Dance House


Silent ceilidh with The Urban Folk Theory
Urban Folk Theory are a ceilidh band that plays a fusion of folk tunes and electronica. The result is a ceilidh you will never forget...
The Urban Folk Theory has been emerging into the folk world since 2011 with a new approach to ceilidh; where excellent folk musicianship meets technology, sweeping you into the next generation of full tilt late night dance extravaganzas.
Urban Folk Theory are about attracting the younger audience back into the world of Ceilidh and introducing folk to a wider audience with their contemporary dance beats, bass lines, pads and sounds that are mixed with a "Ministry of Sound" club feel, with a fusion of the grooviest folk tunes we can find...all with the idea of getting the party started!
Our current line-up is Phil Wilcox (Accordion), Cate Bannister (Fiddle and Caller) and Nick Haynes (Bass and Track Composer).