Creative Quarter

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The Creative Quarter 2021, different but the same. 

Welcome to the Creative Quarter! The Creative Team have been busy as always generating fun, creative, engaging learning experiences for all to enjoy as safely as possible. We have 7 different projects each day for you to try. Some are quite simple and require minimal skills but a great deal of imagination to create unusual uses for and perhaps games from the packs provided. Other projects are a little more challenging to keep the whole family entertained and amused for hours. We have everything from woodwork to sewing, food sculpture to engineering challenges, always something to do whenever you arrive and for however long you would like to stay. 

All projects are self-contained so no need for additional equipment or shared tools. They are pre-prepared and sealed in paper bags ready to be handed out, a different project each hour, every hour between 10am and 4pm, whenever you arrive. The creative team are on hand to introduce the projects, give instructions and guide you through any technical bits and pieces as well as to offer encouragement, general information or just for a chat. 

There will be games and activities available throughout the day and an Art Competition between 12 noon and 1pm for all ages and abilities with a different theme each day. See the competition wall for the daily theme and the amazing entries. Prizes awarded at 1pm each day. 

Things may be a little different this year, but we can still have lots of fun in as many different creative ways as we can imagine. 

See you very soon in the Creative Quarter. 

Mark and Heather at Creativity, Design and Production