Musical Workshops

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Making noise….

The Fabulous Festival Choir - Join Roger Jackson’s Fabulous Festival Choir…your first chance to sing together for what seems an age!  Roger delivers brilliant, simple harmonies that sound amazing together.  Be part of this huge, fun and special choir!

Ukulele Workshops - Learn something new or polish your skills with our daily Ukulele Jams and Andy and friends,  One of the biggest workshops of the weekend, easy to pick up and great fun.

Festival Big Band - Join the Party Big Band and learn to play with others – all instruments , ages and abilities welcome to this amazing band that we put together over the 4 days.

Song-writing with Edwina Hayes - A ninety-minute quick fire workshop where you will come out the other end with a fully formed new song of your own creating!  The Amazing Edwina will guide you through it all.

Drumming Circle - Get into the hypnotic rhythm of the Drumming Circle with XYZ Music.  Bring anything that you can bash, beat and make some noise.

Spoons Workshop - Grab some spoons (yes, Spoons…and you need 2) and join Geoff Lakeman to learn this easy, rhythmical, and great fun percussion.

Music and People - A participatory workshop exploring humans relationship with music through the ages with the brilliant Reunion Lane

Or simply pop along to one of our daily music and singing sessions, instrument workshops where you can join in or just soak in the sounds.