Howlin’ Ric & the Rocketeers

Festival Dance House


Jive, Lindy Hop and Swing with Howlin’ Ric and The Rocketeers.  This Monday afternoon dance promises to be the perfect pick me up on the last day of the festival.  Grab a partner or just swing your hips solo.

Leeds-based Howlin’ Ric & the Rocketeers play vibrant and authentic rock and roll, roving from raucous rhythm and blues right through to dreamy popcorn love songs. Wailing vocals, virtuosic sax and biting, grooving guitar will have the audience bouncing, swinging and sweating from start to finish.

Howlin’ Ric & the Rocketeers deliver an exciting take on a great American tradition. Presenting original Rock & Roll and Rhythm & Blues with a classic and fresh sound.