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Green Towersey

Towersey Festival has been a ‘green’ festival since before the idea was invented.  Founder Committee member SHEILA MANNERS was ahead of her time when she encouraged ‘thrift’, ‘sharing’ and consideration for others and the earth in the early years of the festival.  In the 1970s and 1980s Towersey Festival had a team of volunteers separating cans, bottles, cardboard and plastics from what used to be called ‘rubbish’!  In the eighties, we started asking campers to put their waste (rubbish) in separate bags and for many years now we have given campers a clear or green bag for mixed recycling and a black or blue bag for landfill.  So Green Towersey is our way of just formalising what we have done for years.  We now recycle and recover over 80% of all waste leaving the site and are aiming for even more.  The success of this waste management strategy means that we have achieved eco-savings equivalent to 43 saved trees and 4,793kg of CO2 as well as generating 6MWh of power from non-recyclable waste.  We are also introducing more and more low energy lighting solutions, so reducing our fuel use.  We encourage our visitors to car share or come by public transport where possible.    We really want the Festival to play its part and we hope you can join in.


If the price of motor fuel hasn’t deterred you from using your car at all and the emissions don’t quite do the job for you, then once you are in Towersey please park your car and forget about it.  Better still, bring a bicycle or walk.  Other ways to help are share a lift at  Use your vehicle as little as possible.

Fresh Country Air

You are very welcome to as much of that as you can possibly consume.  Sing, dance, enjoy yourself and breathe deeply.  It's good for you!

Working with Traders

All of our Traders and Caterers are requested not to use any polystyrene packaging, cups or plates and are asked to use washable or biodegradable plates, cups and wooden utensils.  Poly bags are discouraged in favour of paper bags and where poly is used it should be re-used i.e. from local supermarket.  Tea, coffee, chocolate and fresh fruit should be from Fairtrade and ethical sources.  Private diesel generators on Trader and Caterer stalls are not allowed.  Any edible leftover food will be collected from the site and distributed to the needy and tins, cardboard, glass and plastics are recycled as with our public areas.


For many years Towersey has used mains power and red diesel generators – in 2015 we ventured into the world of Biodiesel, Solar, Wind and Hybrid Power units.  We intend to continue this campaign and make a gradual change over the next few years to supply our Traders, Caterers, Workshops and Stages with these sustainable alternative energy supplies.


Before you bin something, think recycling.  You can put paper, cardboard, plastic and cans in the same bin.  Please separate glass and landfill rubbish like bottles, leftover food and non plastic wrappers.  Over the Festival weekend you will see The 'Towersey Wombles' keeping our recycling and litter points are kept clean and tidy and ensuring the right items are put in the right recycling bin.  Please help to make their job easier by sorting your waste. It used to be called Rubbish, maybe then Litter, now think Landfill.  If it doesn’t go in recycling, it will be going into a hole in the ground; the holes are getting very full and contaminating the earth.  Think again.


Before you turn on the tap, do you really need all of that water?  Always get it into a container; take it back to your tent.  Never leave the tap running without a container underneath it.  When you have finished, make sure the tap is turned off properly.  We thank you for doing your bit and using as little water as possible!

Thanks for your help in making a difference at Towersey Festival.  Our Carbon Footprint will be reduced and we welcome your thoughts and ideas on everything from how many bins to how big they are, the positioning of them and anything else you think may be possible.  This is a job we must do together.

Whether we carry a badge or not, Towersey is a Green Festival.