Community Indemnity Pledge

Community Indemnity Pledge (CIP)

Here at Towersey Festival we think of ourselves as very lucky.  Of course, it’s been a tough time on our industry and there have been moments (many moments) where we’ve been forced to think the unthinkable and consider a world without our beloved Towersey.  It’s been a similarly tough time for so many businesses and families and our thoughts are with those who have experienced any kind of loss as a result of this pandemic.


And we’re not out of the woods yet… The Government easing of restrictions provides some relief for many but the road ahead is still a very bumpy one.  And although the Press have been reporting on a new insurance for the live events industry, we already know that in reality this is not going to be available yet and will not be a viable option for a festival like ours.  We’ve seen how this virus can change direction and leave us with no choice but to do the same ourselves.  This is the reason we created Pint Sized Towersey rather than a full-scale festival – to offer some level of security and safety for you, for our team and for the future of the festival.  When it came to making those difficult decisions, we weighed up the risk to your safety and the safety of our teams and artists, the risk to the future of the festival and the risk to the quality of the experience we could provide under these circumstances.  As you know, with heavy hearts we had to cancel the 2021 Towersey Festival.


But back to feeling lucky!... We’re lucky because we have you – our dedicated, passionate and loyal Towersey Community.  Thanks to your support (emotionally and financially!) we’ve been able to bring you some great Towersey fun over these last couple of years.  We also worked our typing fingers to the bone and after many long and complicated applications, were lucky enough to get a little support from the Government’s Cultural Recovery Funds.


So, onto 2022… and as you can imagine, we’re very excited to move forward with planning our big bang of a return!  Of course, we are a little nervous too… What if we’re faced with another pandemic, or a continuation of this one?  How would we ensure the future of the festival when there is no viable or affordable way of insuring it?  We already insure against everything we think might cause us to cancel (extreme weather for example) and this makes a huge dent on the festival budget, but we know it’s crucial to have this in place.


Covid is here to stay for a good while yet and maybe forever. We know how much this festival means to us all and we’re grateful for your support and patience while we ride this wave of uncertainty.  But we need your help…


If Towersey Festival and our industry is going to survive, it’s time to take matters into our own hands and pull together as a strong Towersey Community more than ever before.  Working with our new ticket partners, TicketSellers, we have developed an idea which means together we can future proof the festival through a radical, collective, community solution – a Community Indemnity Pledge (thanks Shambala for the words and idea!). 


The good news is that this pledge is all rolled into your ticket cost, not added on, so has no effect on the cost of your Towersey experience (the pledge will be automatically added in your basket to all adult tickets).  And even better news than that, your agreement to this pledge will ensure the future of Towersey Festival is more certain, even if the worst should happen and we are forced to cancel.

Your pledge will help guarantee that the year-round running costs of Towersey Festival are secure so that planning for the next festival can safely continue.


What this means for you – It means that you will be contributing to the viability and future of Towersey Festival!  If we deem it unsafe or unviable to go ahead with the festival due to risks or restrictions caused by a pandemic which is not insurable, the pledge portion of your purchase (less than 25% on adult tickets) would not be refunded.  Your pledge will go towards the costs required to keep Towersey thriving for years to come.



Towersey is a “Not for Profit” (soon to be a Community Interest) Company and as such does not give any profits (when there are any) to shareholders or directors.  We simply run the event by paying wages to those who work for the event and any profits go back into the festival or go to projects that support the work of artists on our scene.  So, nobody is looking to profit from this plan.  It is simply a way of ensuring the event continues and thrives in these uncertain times.


We realise this is a big ask, and we do understand not everybody will be able or willing to take this on.  Towersey Festival has always been about community and a passion for keeping tradition alive.  In these extreme circumstances we are asking extraordinary things of our community, but we hope you understand this and can continue to support us through these unprecedented times.

Feel free to drop me a line with any thoughts, suggestions or questions and if you feel you must oppose the idea then I am sorry and I do understand but without the support of the Government and a viable insurance option, we feel we have no choice but to try and make the festival’s future more secure in this way.

All the best