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Dance! All over the world people dance. The music and style of dance varies greatly, but ceilidh dancing (pronounced kay’lee and spelt differently in many countries) is something of a phenomena. It went viral long before Facebook was ever invented. Who created it first, doesn’t really matter, but who keeps it alive matters enormously and that’s where you come in.

So, what is Ceilidh? Well, it is dancing, to music that is usually played by a live band, with a partner, in a beautifully and mathematically choreographed way, guided by a caller. Sometimes it’s called a Barn Dance, a social dance and if you were in America you might think it’s a line dance of sorts!
This person, the caller, chooses your dances for you. Then working with the band, sets your feet off, hopefully in the right direction, to have an amazing time for approximately 5 minutes each dance.

You will find to begin with, that the band usually stops playing just as you have started to get the dance right. That doesn’t matter, you will still have had fun. There is always a quick break between dances to go and refresh yourself with beverages of your choice, until you are back on the floor for another five-minute piece of fitness mastery and Ceilidh magic! Nevertheless, it is important to know that it is ok to sit a dance out, and you do not have to accept the hand of anyone that asks you to dance, you won’t offend them and you’ll have just as much fun watching as you will dancing.
No matter what your level of dancing is, everyone has a great time. Smiling and laughing is not an option, it is a side-affect that cannot be avoided.

Ceilidh dancing gives you a work out for the inside and out. You should never feel too scared to Ceilidh, just take the plunge…you won’t regret it and you’ll be welcomed by what will soon become your new friends.
Advice, if there was any to give, be there at the start of the Ceilidh and jump in for the first few dances, as callers usually call easier dances to begin their Ceilidhs and then progress gently through the dances. Family Ceilidhs are also a great place to start too and we always have one of those at Towersey.
Remember no partner is required (so if you are festival’ ing solo then this is a perfect place to make new pals), as there will always be others there, looking for someone to dance with too. After all, the true meaning of Ceilidh, back in the day, was a social gathering of people getting together to have fun.
So, let’s do just that at Towersey Festival, a great place to Ceilidh, as over the course of the Festival there are over 24 hours of Ceilidhs to choose from as well as all sorts of other dances and workshops.
See you there and get ready to be hooked on this most social and addictive of dances!