Argentine Tango

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We - Marc and Rachel - met each other at a dance class in the year 2000 and consolidated our love of dance with a passion for teaching. We have now been teaching for over 20 years and run regular class nights and freestyles 6 nights a week.

We host evenings in Buckingham, Aylesbury and Bedford, teaching Ceroc, Blues and Argentine Tango. Our dancers come to us with all levels of experience; but there is nothing nicer than having a new starter walk through the door and watching their journey progress as they become addicted to dance.

Our class at Towersey focuses on Argentine Tango fundamentals. Argentine Tango is an improvised and spontaneous dance, relying on exquisite connection with your partner and the music. We will show you how to reach this connection point with walks, pivots and adornments. We look forward to meeting you!