Action for Happiness Talk with Dr Mark Williamson

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Join Dr Mark Williamson, co-founder and Director of Action for Happiness , as he talks about how we can be happier - practical ways to be happier ourselves and spread it to others and our communities.

The mission of Action for Happiness is to promote a happier world, through a culture that prioritises happiness and kindness. It is a registered charity and a movement of people taking action to create a happier and kinder world, together.

Dr Mark Williamson has taken Action for Happiness from a concept on paper to a mass participation movement with hundreds of thousands of members and a wide range of activities. Mark has a long-standing interest in happiness and well-being and is passionate about creating a more balanced, collaborative society that focuses less on consumption and material wealth and more on helping people and communities thrive.

"We urgently need a change in priorities. So if you believe in a more caring society that puts well-being before wealth, and prioritises things that really matter, then join us - add your voice and take action. Together we can create a happier, kinder world." Dr Mark Williamson