ballet for fitness and fun

Dance, Stream 2

This gentle session is great fun and will take you through some basic Ballet steps and moves and soon have you spinning and leaping!

Madelaine trained for 9 years at Elmhurst School for Dance graduating with a Diploma in Dance. She went on to continue her dance training and education at the University of Surrey, Roehampton graduating with a BA Hons in Dance Studies.Madelaine then embarked on her teaching qualifications with the Royal Academy of Dance graduating with a Certificate in Dance Teaching Studies. Further training has included the Ballet Education Practice course with Royal Ballet School and Royal Opera House.

Madelaine has enjoyed a career in dance teaching with the Joanne Ward Dance Academy and also teaches for the Royal Opera House Education Department on their Chance to Dance Programme, Dance Dynamic and Family Performances.

Madelaine also works for the Northern Ballet Company on their Children's Ballet Workshops.