All About Children


All About Children is so much more than your "run of the mill" Children's festival offering.  It's 3 dedicated venues, as well as activities across the Festival site and timetable.  It's dedicated workshop leaders with real skills to share and real love for what they do.  It's a brilliant mixture of fun and learning.  So not only will your children be entertained, but they will take away new skills and new experiences.

They can learn a new instrument or song, create something beautiful, relax with yoga and go to bed with an imagination full of ideas from bedtime stories.

And, as a leader in Green issues at festivals we pride ourselves on the message we teach to children, the materials we use in our workshops and the careful approach we take to decreasing our impact on the planet.

Created by Lioux Heap, who was a play specialist at Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital and has worked extensively in festivals for many years, All About Children is 4 days full of discovery, play and experiences in a totally safe and inclusive environment!

Come join us.