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Camping Options

Our camping areas have different names to help you plan where you would like to live whilst at Towersey Festival.  You can find a quiet corner or be right in the action.
All sites have beautifully clean toilets (the best at any festival many would say!) and hot showers nearby.
If you would prefer not to camp then take a look for some nearby accommodation with everything from Hotels to Self Catering or Trip Advisor HERE.

Campsites open at 12noon on Thursday 22 August

Canvas (no cars)

Tents only, no cars.
You can bring your car on to set up and then park up in the nearby car park for the weekend.
Perfectly peaceful. This is real community camping.
Just tents and people, families, annual get togethers and reunions.

Canvas Camping with Car

Bring your car on and park up near to your pitch (in nice tidy rows).  Once on we ask that you don’t move your car (for the safety of all the campers).  If you need to leave you can of course but on your return please take extra care on site.
This site is spread around a large part of the main site.

Caravans and Motorhomes

An allocated field for caravans, motorhomes, camper vans and trailer tents. Nice and near the entrance so no need to drive all over site. 

Tents and cars are also welcome in this field so if arriving with friends you can all be together.

Late Nighters

A field dedicated to those that want to stay up a bit later and lie in of a morning!
NEW 2019.  In it's own field for a bit more privacy.  This is the perfect site for those that want a bit more space away from the main site.

Accessible Camping

A clearly defined area dedicated to those who have additional accessibility requirements. Close to the main gate into the festival for ease of access.

Glamping with Glampit

We are delighted to be working alongside Glampit Bell Tents again this year with their exclusive Glamping Tents. But this year there will be a much more VIP feel to the area with a firepit, host tent, better layout and improved interiors.

So if you want that bit of luxury on arrival then look no further.  BOOK YOUR TENT HERE

Find out more here.  Please ring Lee on 07734 686538  or email with any questions

NOTE:  You still need a Festival Weekend ticket with a Glamping booking.  To book your tickets separately please click here

All Campers

NOTE:  You still need a Festival Weekend with Canvas/Caravan Camping ticket.  To book your tickets separately please click here

Remember noise travels further than you think. Please consider your neighbours when playing live acoustic music, radios or other music devices.  For your comfort and enjoyment at Towersey Festival we have good security around our camp sites and performance venues. We are also continuing to use our policy for “unsociable behaviour”.

Please be fair, reasonable and economical with the amount of space you take up. Consider safety and consider your neighbours.