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Applications will open in early 2019

Music Cafe

Applications will open in early 2019

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Applications will open in early 2019


Applications will open in early 2019


Applications will open in early 2019

Joining "Team Towersey" means joining a dedicated, passionate and fun loving team of volunteers who help make the Festival what it is!  We need teams to help run Venues, manage Car Parks and Camp Sites, work in our Box Office, host Artists', work in the pre-Festival on Marketing support.........the list goes on.


Sponsors, Partners & Links

Thanks to all our sponsors and partners

We are so lucky to work with some great partners and sponsors at Towersey Festival.  Companies that through partnership help us make this Festival what it is and benefit in turn from this mutually supportive relationship.  Read more about them below.

As one of the oldest and most respected Festivals in the UK we are the perfect partner for any brand or business who want an affinity with quality arts and culture and a powerful audience reach that is strong both regionally and nationally.

If you would like to become a partner to one of the leading music festivals in the region get in touch today

Find out how we could work together...



Bar Nation

Bar Nation provides fully managed event bars and we are delighted to be working with them to bring amazing bar and drinks to Towersey this year.

BBC Oxford

BBC Oxford broadcast yearly from the Festival.  They are the region's BBC network producing local information, news and entertainment programmes for TV and Radio.

Powerful Thinking

Powerful Thinking is a think-do tank which brings together festivals, suppliers and environmental organisations to explore ways to reduce the costs and carbon through increased efficiency and alternatives and share findings to promote lower carbon industry.


Festival History

Towersey Festival has been my life.  Started back in 1965 by my Grandad, I was born into it and in my 43 years I have missed just two festivals.

"It began in my Grandparents' back garden, and it quickly grew from this handful of musical enthusiasts and friends to a few hundred, and onto a small field in the village, where it was taken on by my Dad - who to this day is still very much involved, having been the Festival Director for some 40 years.

"As it continued to grow organically it attracted more families, new generations of fun-loving festival-goers, and moved onto land purchased by the festival for the village. Its goal was to provide a culturally significant event for the local community. A mission that continues today.

"And now? Well, those foundations of family, musical passion, togetherness and community are what continue to feed us and our customers. We call them all Team Towersey.  It's their festival, our festival, and your festival, and all who come to Towersey feel that sense of ownership and community.”

- Joe Heap, Towersey Festival Director (2018)

  • You can find out more about the rich history of Towersey Festival in the book Towersey Festival: 50 Years In The Making, by Derek Schofield. Lavishly illustrated, the book traces the story of the festival from the mid-60s to our 50th anniversary in 2014. Contact us for more details: info (at) towerseyfestival (dot) com

Press & Media

Press images of both artists and the festival are available upon request, as are artist interviews. We can also supply exclusive content, such as interviews and articles.

A limited number of media/ review passes are available for accredited media representatives only. Requests must be submitted in advance of the festival via the PR contact (details below).


PR: Towersey Festival 2018 - launch announcement press release (to follow early 2018)

PR: Towersey Festival Press Release Archive (includes current and previous press releases, dating back to 2013).


Artist promo' images, including headline acts, and images of the festival, are available upon request.


Towersey Festival YouTube Channel (includes latest trailer)

Links to artist videos can be found on artist pages on this website.


Dave: email dave448creative ( at ) gmail ( dot ) com ... or use this contact form.

Please note that these contact details are for press and media editorial only.

  • For all other enquiries relating to Towersey Festival, please email the festival direct via: info (at) towerseyfestival (dot) com.
  • For all general Marketing and any Artist Enquiries call 0115 9386945