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“Festivals make a huge and wide-ranging impact on the host town.” Visit Britain

Live music events generate £2.2bn for the UK economy.   They attract 6.5million people, boost local economies and support 24,000 jobs.  Festivals like Towersey generate over £100 million of spending alone.  Festivals employ local people, they buy locally and customers spend money in the region.  Because of this, money stays, and re-circulates, within the local economy. 

Over 70% of our attendees come from a 50 mile radius of the site….A local audience!

£495…That’s how much each weekend visitor spends booking for, travelling to and being at Towersey Festival.  10,000...That’s the number of ABC1’s that visit Towersey Festival.  500,000...That’s how many read our publicity material.  250’000…That’s our targeted social media reach.

Our Customers are Your Customers.  We attract them with great music, unique atmosphere, beautiful countryside and a welcoming market town.

Your publicity can be on our publicity, in our press, on our website and in full view at the Festival.

Most of all we can offer you, your business, service or product, the opportunity to ‘partner’ with Towersey – one of the oldest independent Festivals in the UK. 

Festivals can make a huge and wide-ranging impact on the host town.  As well as an influx of visitors and benefits to the local economy, local businesses and voluntary organisations can work with festivals to build partnerships that benefit the area.

Steve Heap.


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